Is It Possible to Be An Online-Only Sugar Baby Without Meeting?

What is an online-only sugar baby?

online only sugar babyTypically, a sugar baby is young and aspiring women who do not want to be in traditional relationships prescribed by society - that no longer works in modern society. She is seeking the successful one who matches her ambitions and drive, the one who can play the traditional role of a gentleman and financial provider, without placing unreasonable limitations on personal growth, that’s what they pursue a freedom relationship. Online only sugar baby is someone who is seeking sugar daddy without a meeting, all she offers to her sugar daddy is limited to online.

Is it possible to find an online sugar daddy get sugar without meeting?

An online arrangement is a new form of sugar arrangement although it’s not widely accepted by most sugar daddies. After all, most sugar daddies are expecting physic touch just like in a normal relationship. Usually, before meeting face to face, wealthy sugar daddies make a connection with potential attractive sugar babies through the online sugar baby websites. They will arrange an appointment until both parties have established mutual trust between each other. However, online sugar babies still have the chance to meet online sugar daddies without meeting. With the popularity of sugar daddy dating, more and more sugar daddies join this type of dating, some of them are a businessman who is extremely busy on their business, that’s why they can only spend time with their sugar baby online. Some are newbies sugar daddies who are not familiar with the sugar baby dating process.

What kind of women would like to be an online sugar baby?

Young and beautiful newbie college sugar babies who want to start a sugar lifestyle but don’t want to have physic contact. Some are platonic sugar babies who don’t want to have sex with sugar daddies. Some of them are dating with several sugar daddies online at once, and they can make more than dating offline.

What kind of man possibly to be an online sugar daddy?

Three types of sugar daddies show more interest in seeking an online arrangement. If you are an online-only sugar baby, you can pay more attention to those sugar daddies.

Married sugar daddy. Those married men are mostly middle-aged, who have a wife and children and they will not leave their family, but they are always looking forward to an exciting sugar relationship. They prefer an online sugar baby who could show him more interest things, and they don’t think its betrayal because there is no physical touch, no offline dating.

Older sugar daddy. Some old sugar daddy is more likely to look for sugar babies to be their companion, taking care of them and listen to them. As a return, they would be more generous offering sugar babies with what they want if they make them happy.

Newbie sugar daddy. Some new sugar daddy who are more likely to start their first sugar relationship online. They are learning and shape the arrangement the way they want.

As you can see, although there are a few numbers of a real online sugar daddy who are looking primarily for online-only sugar babies, you can take your chance. it’s no doubt that finding an online sugar daddy can’t be an easy thing, and it takes your patience and continuous searching. However, online arrangements are not your only choices, if sex is your only reason, you can try to find a platonic sugar daddy or sugar daddy who can accept a sugar relationship without sex.

The pros of being an online-only sugar baby:

There is no physical touch, nonsexual means few risks it may accouter in a relationship. Sugar babies don’t have to meet sugar daddies offline, so they can have multiple sugar daddies at once. It’s not only safe for babies but also make a lot of money.

The cons of being an online sugar baby:

Online sugar daddy may offer a lower sugar baby allowance than average. No physical touch means that their relationship is not stable. Online sugar babies may lose a chance of establishing a good mentorship, partnership with a rich sugar daddy.

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