All Sugar Daddy Dating Apps Are Removed From Apple Store Owing to the FOSTA-SESTA Bills

apple removed sugar daddy appsThe FOSTA-SESTA Bills, also called the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA) and the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act(SESTA), regarded as a victory for victims but it also has caused much consternation and confusion on elsewhere on the worldwide club. It was signed by U.S President Donald Trump enabling law enforcement authorities to prohibit sites that promote prostitution and sex trafficking activity. As a result, most sugar daddy dating apps are removing from Apple Store.

Later, Apple sends founders of sugar daddy dating apps a message through its message center, which claims sugar daddy app is being evaluated for possible violation of their safety 1.1 clauses that those apps would be removed if it brings offensive and objectionable content to users. However, there is a continuous debate over the years about sugar baby sites and sugar daddy dating apps.

Dating back to 2011, the first sugar daddy dating app - SugarSugar, get into an apple store known as an innovative app for locating singles interested in the sugar daddy and sugar baby lifestyle. Many voices say that it was an app for hooking up rich men with young women for financial benefits instead of a site purely for people seeking a relationship. Many people want Apple to take it down, with more and more similar sugar dating app flock into the Apple Store and people gradually get used to them.

Until the Backpage became the spotlight, the controversy back again. It brings general outrage when stories like girls go missing and being prostituted on Backpage broke out, a 16-year old girl Desiree Robinson was killed being on This site was known for its advertisements for sex work, but later it started a series of the controversy of illegal sex work. So the government went after the company as well as its CEO and owners in court because people wanted justice and retribution. However, Backpage wins the court battle due to section 230 of the Communications Decency Act which says that websites are not liable for its content posted by users. In the end, Backpage lost out because it was confirmed its co-founder and CEO engaged in illegal activities.

After the FOSTA-SESTA bills were signed, almost all sugar daddy apps were removed from Apple Store, Craigslist stopped running its personals section, Reddit removes content directly talking about sugar daddy or sugar baby, remove the content about sugar baby dating or sugar daddy lifestyle, even suspend account related to sugar dating. Seeking app, as one of the largest sugar daddy dating websites, officially claim that Seeking app will no longer be available on the App Store. Apple says that those dating apps would never be allowed if it’s used for women looking for rich and successful men or any other catering to the niche of millionaire /rich dating service.

apple bans sugar daddy dating app

The language in those new bills is vague problematic for sites like SugarDaddyMeet, SeekingArrangements are regarded as platforms for high-end prostitution, which is courting controversy for most users on those websites thought it’s useful to create a relationship. Some sugar daddy app is survived by repositioning it as a general dating app, and most sugar daddy websites are still worked for those who want to date with rich men or beautiful women.

Why Seeking Arrangement leave China?

Sugar daddy dating app like Seeking Arrangement app, Sugardaddymeet app, is not allowed in China. Seeking Arrangement app was removed from China at the end of May 2018. The main reason is that China will protect the development of its own industry when its download volume is more than WeChat. Another important reason is that many things are strictly prohibited in China owing to its biggest population, which means they can’t take the consequences. Prostitution, escort service, drugs, and other illegal activities are strictly prohibited in China. Although Seeking Arrangement app is not promoting prostitution, but China can’t take a risk of the possibility involved in illegal activity. In China, all social networking is under the supervision of the government.

What’s the future of sugar daddy dating apps?

There is no doubt that either woman is no longer refusing to pursue a wealthy and successful partner or men are seeking beautiful and young women. Due to the FOSTA-SESTA Bills signed by Donald Trump, it caused sugar daddy apps are removed from Apple while it is still available for the Android app on Google Play Store. Most sugar daddy websites and sugar baby websites are designed mobile-friendly for users and are also highly welcomed in other western countries such as the UK, Australia, NewZealand, Canada, France, etc.

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